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How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in India?

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Imagine saving thousands and lakhs of rupees over a period of 25-30 years with the right size of solar panels. Now while many will agree to the fact of the high Cost of installing solar panels for home, none can deny its long-term benefits and energy-saving abilities. Homeowners are often worried about the installation cost and upfront payments. Let us burrow into the factors that affect the cost of installing solar panels for home.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Solar Panel

According to the experts from a leading solar installation company in Tamilnadu, the following are the factors affecting the solar panel cost:

Type of Solar Installation

While roof mounts are the most common type of installation that doesn’t need any additional post, ground mounts and carport installations need added support during installation, thereby increasing the cost.

Type of Panels, Inverters, and Mounting Structures

Following a thumb rule, the more ‘power dense’ the panel, the higher the cost per watt. Deviating from the basic panels and opting for an advanced one with a battery and inverter will also add up to the cost.

Energy Consumption

The more energy production, the more requirements of the system and panels, and hence the higher cost of installing solar panels for home.

Solar Panel Installation Costs in India


Solar Panel System Size (kW) Cost in Rs
1 7,000
2 14,000
3 21,000
4 28,000
5 35, 000
6 42, 000
7 49,000
8 56,000
9 63,000
10 70,000

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