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How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in India?

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Solar Panel Installation Cost

Imagine saving thousands of rupees over 25 years by harnessing the power of the sun! While the upfront cost of installing solar panels can be a hurdle, the long-term benefits and energy savings are undeniable. This guide explores the factors affecting solar panel installation costs in India and highlights ways to make it more affordable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Solar panels offer significant long-term energy cost savings.
  • Understand the cost factors to make informed decisions.
  • Government subsidies and financing options can significantly reduce upfront costs.

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Installation Costs:

Type of Installation: Roof mounts are most affordable, while ground mounts and carports require additional support, increasing costs.

Panels, Inverters & Mounting Structures: Higher efficiency panels and additional equipment like batteries and inverters will add to the cost.

Energy Consumption: Larger systems with more panels are needed for higher energy demands, impacting the total cost.

Recent Solar Panel Costs in India:

  • Monocrystalline silicon panels: Most efficient, costing ₹40-₹50 per watt.
  • Polycrystalline silicon panels: A cost-effective option, costing ₹35-₹45 per watt.

Estimated Solar Panel System Cost in India:

Solar Panel System Size (kW) Cost in Rs
1 70,000 – 1,00,000
2 1,40,000 – 1,80,000
3 2,10,000 – 2,50,000
4 2,80,000 – 3,20,000
5 3,50,000 – 4,00,000

Please note: These are estimated costs and can vary depending on factors like location, chosen panel type, installer expertise, and government subsidies.

Making Solar More Affordable:

Government Subsidies: The Indian government offers subsidies of 30-40% on installation costs, depending on your state and system size. Explore state-specific programs for the latest details.

Financing Options: Solar loans, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and lease agreements spread the cost over time. Explore these options with banks, NBFCs, and specialized solar companies.

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