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Seamless backup power. With or without electricity.

Solar Plus Storage is an ideal self-sufficient option for those who are wishing to generate and use uninterrupted power for self-consumption in remote areas with minimum or no access to Grid.

Installed base
Million +
Units Saved Annually
Trees Planted

You consume what you generate, and generate what you need. KCP Launched solar energy storage systems which can provide power as and when required. When paired with PV Systems, Solar Plus Storage offers various sophisticated functionalities like DG Mitigation and Peak Shaving, thereby, maximising the potential savings of the clients. In addition to this, it enhances the flexibility of client’s power supply, especially for critical facilities which commonly face grid outages and unreliable power supply.

We have offered this kind of solution for Individual houses, Institutions, Places of Worship, Commercial establishments and Industries. During the feasibility study, we sketched out an energy load profile by analysing the electric load of major appliances used, Grid connection, and the possibilities of combining different energy resources together for Grid stabilization. We offer best solution by:

  • Providing reliable, cost-effective, seamless backup power solutions through our engineering window.
  • Synchronising and sharing energy from Solar, Battery, Grid and other sources
  • Offering customized solutions to suit individual power backup requirements considering connected load and required backup time.
  • Best in class system components.
  • Long-lasting battery technology
  • Maintenance Protocol
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