Roof Top Solar Hybrid

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We at KCP, cherish change and challenge. We constantly seek and compete to deliver specialised projects through our strong R&D Division.

KCP Solar offers a variety of Solar Hybrid Systems that cater to customer sites that have erratic power supply or are operating in remote locations with a greater reliance on Diesel Gensets or other power generation sources. We are a renowned brand in solar hybrid systems and microgrid solutions providers.

Our Solar Hybrid System solutions have been steering our customers towards a more sustainable and renewable energy regime by helping them augment their energy requirements and drastically reducing their diesel consumption and carbon footprint.

We work closely with our customers to recommend Solar Hybrid Systems that are based on their site requirements and specific goals. We have been successful in enabling our customers to realize a very quick Return on Investment making us an ideal choice for sites that rely on generators and/or other power generation sources for their energy requirements.


  • Achieve sustainability and Green goals
  • Improve power quality and reliability
  • Reduce electric bills and Increase Profits
  • Earn a great return (ROI /IRR) on your investment
  • Reduce/eliminate the running time of gensets and reduce Diesel or fuel consumption
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