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We at KCP, have initiated to implement lighting systems from decades back and we are constantly helping to reach the targets set by MNRE, Government of India.

Product Description

Solar Street Light is the perfect, cost-effective solution for residential streets, parking lots, security, roadways, and general area lighting applications. These systems are economically viable, and efficient in applications, where the cost of providing access to electricity is expensive or problematic. Due to low power consumption, and longer lifespan, Solar LED street lights are a good alternative to existing LPS (Low Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) lamps.

In the Solar Street light system, the power comes entirely from the solar power electricity generated by the solar panels. A battery backup enables the power to be stored and to be used later on. It enables large savings in cost over the long term since it uses free solar power instead of the grid power whose rates keep increasing over time.

  • KCP’s Solar Street Lights are Greenlight sources with 40 – 70% less power consumption than traditional light sources.
  • Low maintenance and long product life with a 25-year warranty for solar panel and 2-year warranty for a total system with adequate, free care and service from the local stations.
  • The installation cost is comparatively cheap, no trenching, no heavy cable, quick and easy installations anywhere and everywhere within just a few days and no long awaited months.
  • The advanced technology of the control unit with low maintenance Lithium ion battery of long life and automatic operations gives a great comfort to the customers.
  • KCP provides complete outdoor lighting systems and solutions with various lights, bulkheads, solar modules, In-built solar charge controllers, batteries & poles.

Special Features of the Product

  • High efficient electronic circuitry
  • Very low self-consumption
  • 100% short circuit protection
  • Surge/lightning protected
  • Perfect design, Easy Installation
  • Automatic dawn dusk operation (with timer-optional)
  • Highly Economical and reliable
  • In-built Battery Type
  • Temperature Compensated Battery charging
  • Excellent for remote Areas
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability and durability
  • More intensity of light

Significant highlights

  • Commissioned 1000 nos. of Solar Home lighting systems and 500 nos. of Solar Street Lighting System to Tamil Nadu Energy development Agency under Rural Village Electrification Programme.
  • Supplied & Installed 2000 no’s of Integrated Solar Street lighting systems at all the Islands in Union Territory of Lakshadweep.
  • Supplied & Installed 10,000 no’s of Integrated Solar Street lighting systems at all Village Panchayat in Tamilnadu under MP & MLA Scheme
  • Installed and commissioned 100 no’s of Solar Photovoltaic street lighting systems and 600 no’s of Solar Home lighting system in Kanyakumari district under MNRE – Part II scheme.
  • Electrification of 30 Remote Unelectrified Hamlets of Electrified Census Villages in 5 districts of Tamil Nadu through Solar Lighting Systems & Solar Home Lighting Systems under Remote Voltage Electrification Programme.
  • Supplied and Installed 100 no’s of Solar Street Lighting system in Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai.
  • Supplied and Installed 50 no’s of Integrated Solar Street Lighting system in British Agro Products Pvt Ltd, Chennai withInbuilt Lithium Ion battery technology.
Smart Light Series – 20 W
New Smart Light Series – 20 W LED
Ultra Light Series – 30 W
Precious Light Series – 40 W
Ultra Light Series – 50 W
Ultra Light Series – 50 W
Black Fire Light Series – 50 W
Black Fire Light Series – 50 W
Precious Light Series – 70 W
Precious Light Series – 70 W
Blue Fire Light Series – 80 W
Blue Fire Light Series – 80 W
Blue Fire Light Series – 120 W
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