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How To Increase Your Solar Panel Efficiency?

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How To Increase Your Solar Panel Efficiency

With newer advances in technology, solar panels have become increasingly popular as an easier and more affordable way to generate electricity. As the pressure for green and eco-friendly energy sources increases over businesses all around, more and more enterprises are looking for solar rooftop companies providing high-efficiency solar solutions.

Researchers have developed many new materials, designs, and manufacturing processes to improve the conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic or PV panels used in solar systems. Along with that proper management and maintenance of the panels are required for optimum performance and maximum output. In this blog, we have discussed a few of the ways by which you can increase your solar panel efficiency:

Purchase High-Efficiency Solar Panel Models:

A solar panel’s efficiency is calculated by the percentage of energy hitting the PV cells that is finally turned into electricity. Since the past 5 years, mean solar cell efficiency has increased by almost 15-20% with the usage of advanced technology.

Get Panels with High-Concentrated PVCs:

Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) cells can focus incoming sunlight upon a high-efficiency solar cell which can increase generation efficiency to 46% from the traditional peak efficiency of 22%. On the other hand, they are also considerably costlier, amounting almost 4x more than traditional ones.

Maintain Proper Angle and Direction:

With the proper tilt and orientation, you can receive the maximum output from your solar installation for home. In the Northern Hemisphere, the panels should face true south, whereas, in the Southern Hemisphere they should be placed facing true north for maximum energy production. Similarly, the angle should be adjusted based on the latitude of the location for maximum output.

Keep Panels Clean:

Debris like dust, leaves and bird droppings can reduce energy production from solar energy drastically. Almost 20-30% efficiency is lost without regular cleanings. Use soft brushes, cloth or sponge to effectively increase the panel’s efficiency without causing any damage to them.

Avoid Installing Panels in Shady Areas:

Maximum solar exposure naturally increases the electricity generated from the Rooftop Solar Panel for Home. Any PV cell remaining in the shade can affect the efficiency of the neighbouring cells by acting as a resistor.

Installing Mirrors:

Mirrors can be used to optimize solar panel efficiency as a solar concentrator technique also called solar panel reflector system.

Monitor System Performance with Energy Management Software:

Regular monitoring of the solar system is mandatory for peak performance. With the software provided by the installer, you can keep an eye on the daily fluctuations in efficiency levels or any unexpected errors. Factors like daily energy output, and voltage levels are crucial to keep your solar system in prime condition.

Solar panel efficiency is dependent upon multiple factors like the panel’s position, regular maintenance, and energy storage. For hassle-free and easy maintenance, it is best to seek the services provided by solar system specialists.

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