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An Overview on Solar Panel Subsidy in Tamilnadu

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Solar Panel Subsidy

Solar Panel Subsidy plays a pivotal role in making the massive upfront cost of solar panels much more accessible. Despite the massive upfront cost, solar panels have been one of the most efficient ways to enjoy free electricity for 25-30 years. With advancements in photovoltaic technology, the cost of installing solar panels for home has decreased over the last few years. In addition, the attractive subsidies offered by the Tamil Nadu Government have made the technology within reach for commoners.

The cost of solar panels depends on their technology, size and type (whether it is Roof Top Solar Hybrid, on- grid or off-grid). Generally, solar panels with greater capacities are at a lesser cost on per watt calculation vs the small capacity panels as their cost increases on a per watt basis. Nevertheless, digging into every aspect of the price change will be a tedious effort. Henceforth, we have tried to outline of the solar panel subsidy offered by the Tamil Nadu government.

Rooftop Solar Subsidy in Tamilnadu

The Rooftop Solar Phase II is an impactful pan-Indian solar subsidy scheme that promotes the use of solar panels for residential purposes. Residents choosing grid-tied solar systems designed using made-in-India components are eligible to avail of rooftop solar subsidy in Tamilnadu.

Tamil Nadu Government has finalized the following rates for solar installation for home:

Rooftop Solar System Capacity Government subsidy
Up to 3 kW ₹14, 588/ kW
3 kW- 10 kW ₹7,294/kW
Above 10kW ₹94822 (Fixed)
Up to 500 kW ₹7294/kW for common facilities up to 500 kW @ 10 kW per house

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