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The Reliable partner in solar energy has been catering to the energy needs of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural customers for the past 38 years. KCP Solar Industry has a very own consulting partner as well as a Sister concern namely Ace Renewtech Consulting Engineers at Chennai who’s committed to working and improvising the standards in Advisory, Project development, and the Entire management of Renewable Energy Projects.

KCP Solar Industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in Solar Applications for both commercials as well as residential purpose. Within decades, it has diversified and revolutionized its products and services to match with the market dynamics in a digital and tech-savvy environment.

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Net metering

Net metering is the concept which records net energy between export of generated energy and import of Utility energy for a billing month. The meter, having the feature of recording both the import and export values.

Extra Electricity

If your solar panels make more electricity than you need, net metering lets you send that extra electricity back to the regular power supply.

Two Types of Systems

Some systems work independently (off-grid), and others are connected to the main power system (on-grid). The on-grid ones use net metering.

Making Money

With ​a net metering​ facility, if you have more electricity than you use​ in the daytime, you can ​​export the extra electricity to the grid and you can adjust it in the eb bill. With the help of this, you can make the electric city bill zero

Balancing Act

If you don’t make enough electricity and need more, you can get it from the regular power supply. Net metering helps in balancing both export and import EB power.

GCRT Phase 2 Subsidy Scheme

Upto 3 kW 40%
Above 3 kW and upto 10 kW 40% for first 3 kW and 20% for balance capacity
Above 10 kW 20% for common EB connections in apartment and flat, No subsidy beyond 10 kW for Individual Residence

Affordable for Every Budget

Capacity Total Project Cost MNRE Subsidy Customer Payable Cost
1KW 73686 21359.35 52327
2KW 134397.8 39274.66 95123
3KW 189989.1 57382.51 132607
4KW 230786.4 65306.86 165480
5KW 288483 74636.41 213847
6KW 346179.6 83965.96 262214
7KW 403876.2 93295.52 310581
8KW 461572.8 102625.07 358948
9KW 519269.4 111954.62 407315
10KW 576966 121284.17 455682


The grid-connected roof top solar PV system would fulfil the partial/full power needs of Residential buildings. The following are some of the benefits of rooftop SPV systems:

  • Generation of environmentally clean energy.
  • The consumer becomes a generator for their own electricity requirements.
  • Reduction in electricity consumption from the grid.
  • Reduction in diesel consumption wherever DG backup is provided.
  • Feeding excess power to the grid.

Benefits of Going Solar with KCP Solar

Using solar panels on your roof is a great way to capture the sun’s energy. It not only cuts down your electricity bills but also lets you play a part in taking care of the environment. If you’re considering installing solar panels, KCP Solar is one of the most reputed solar panel companies in India.

100% Savings on EB for Residential buildings

100% Savings on EB for Residential buildings

Low Maintenance Charges

Low Maintenance Charges

Environmentally Friendly Option

Environmentally Friendly Option

Property Value Increase

Property Value

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solar energy reduces electricity costs, is eco-friendly, promotes energy independence, and can enhance property value. It’s also a sustainable and renewable energy source.

Solar panel costs vary based on size, location, and quality. Prices have decreased, and government subsidy options are also available.

Solar panels perform best in areas with abundant sunlight. Factors such as shading, roof orientation, and local climate impact efficiency. A solar installer can evaluate your specific location.

Solar panels typically last 25 to 30 years or more. While efficiency may slightly decrease over time, they continue generating power for an extended period.

Solar panels need minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional checks for damage or debris are advised. Most systems come with warranties covering maintenance for a specific period.

You can use solar power during an outage with a battery storage system or backup power solution. However, grid-tied solar systems may automatically shut down for safety during outages.

Many governments provide incentives like tax credits, rebates, or feed-in tariffs to encourage solar energy adoption. These incentives can vary by location.

On-grid systems connect to the electricity grid and use net metering. In contrast, off-grid systems operate independently and rely on battery storage for surplus energy when the sun isn’t shining.

While some may install small solar systems, it’s generally recommended to hire a professional installer for safety, compliance, and optimal system performance

100% savings on Electricity bills for Residential buildings with your Solar Rooftop