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We design and manufacture the Solar PV Modules for numerous applications such as Solar Power Plants, Street lights, Water Pumps..etc. KCP has a capacity of 24 MW PV Module Manufacturing facility, the class, dust-free, clean-room facility at Salem, Tamil Nadu. KCP’s product portfolio comprises Superior Quality Mono and Multi-Crystalline PV Modules in various sizes and power ratings above 5W. We promise a Strong warranty and performance of 25 years.

Our product has been proved for its quality and efficiency by recognized testing laboratories and organizations. KCP’s PV Modules have been installed in major Government Organizations for tests and various trial purposes.

Our wide range of standard and speciality modules include

  • Multiple configurations – 72, 60 and 36 cells
  • Customised configurations – 54 and 48 cell configuration for the international market
  • Wide power range – from 10 W to 330 W
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