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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Solar System

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When considering solar solutions for your home, most homeowners choose between on-grid and off-grid solar power systems. If you live in areas with regular sunshine, then these systems are the best for your home. But if you live in hilly or stormy regions with frequent blackouts, the hybrid solar system is your best friend. The hybrid system stores all the excess power produced in a battery, which can be used later at night or as needed. A hybrid system stays connected to the grid and it is backed by battery storage too. The inverter attached converts direct current from the sun to alternating current to illuminate your home with electricity. Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of the Solar hybrid system to help you make a learned decision:

Advantages of Hybrid Solar System?

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Rooftop Solar hybrid systems are known for their ability to provide continuous power. The excess power stored in the battery can be used as an inverter during power outages. Moreover, in case you need more power than is stored in the battery, you can remain connected to the grid for seamless switching.

Make Use of Readily Available Renewable Energy

The hybrid system is an economical choice, as it utilizes solar energy efficiently. With the availability of battery backup, you can utilize the sun’s power to the fullest.

Lowers Expenses

Even though the initial cost of installing solar panels might be high, it is overall beneficial in the long run. In addition, it has minimal maintenance and no constant fuel bill to be paid.

High Efficacy

The hybrid solar system is your one-stop for all efficiency needs. The system saves excess power generated in the attached battery and wastes no fuel.

Manages Load Intelligently

Be it a refrigerator or a reading light; our hybrid solar system can intelligently distribute the energy supply according to the requirements of the device.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Solar System

Every system has its bugs; here are some of the disadvantages of the hybrid solar system:

Complex Power Control

As the hybrid system uses different sources of power, the controls for their settings can be complicated. It is best to contact a leading solar installation company like us so that our engineers can assist you better.

High Installation Costs

As mentioned previously, the initial installation cost of the solar system can run high, even though little management is required down the line.

Low Battery Life

Due to harsh exterior conditions, home batteries often have a lower life span. Our proficient team can help you install the battery in a place where it will not be weather-exposed to give an optimal output.

Restricted Number of Connected Devices Allowed

As the Rooftop Solar hybrid system is designed specifically for your home, the number of devices that can be connected to the system is limited. It varies from system to system and can be upscaled with our services if required. With customizable features and battery assistance, our Rooftop Solar hybrid system is perfect for homes that never stop shining. Switch to a sustainable future with KCP Solar. Contact us now.