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Top Rooftop Solar Installation Companies in India

KCP Solar > Blog > Top Rooftop Solar Installation Companies in India
KCP Solar > Blog > Top Rooftop Solar Installation Companies in India
rooftop solar installation companies in India

As global warming takes precedence worldwide, power cuts and higher electricity bills have become more common. However, the larger public has still been wary about the switch to solar energy due to the high installation costs. To increase the adoption of solar panels, the government has also implemented schemes that provide subsidies for the installation costs of Rooftop Solar Panel for Home. Solar panels reduce the overall power bill, while giving your house a steady energy supply. With lowering prices, many people are considering solar rooftop companies to cover all energy requirements of their houses. In this blog, we will delve into some of the best

Rooftop Solar Installation Companies in India:

KCP Solar

With more than two decades of experience, KCP Solar has emerged as one of the best rooftop solar companies in Tamilnadu. Our engineers have cumulative experience of 200 years and are fully equipped to provide you with specially catered solar EPC solutions. We have installed over 1500+ MW projects and are involved in over 250MW projects with more than 40 clients.

Tata Solar

Ranked as one of the top solar installation company in Tamilnadu, Tata Solar began rooftop solar panel installations in 1991. To date, they have served over 10,000 residential customers, installing over 250MW rooftop systems.

Mahindra Susten

As one of the leading players in the solar EPC sector, Mahindra Susten has installed over 1210 MW since 1990 and continues strong.

Sunsure Energy

The company focuses on large-scale solar systems, providing services including EPC, financing and O&M solutions. They have installed over 20MW in the financial year of 2018 alone.

Fourth Partner Energy

As one of the recent solar rooftop companies founded in 2010, they have provided services to over 100 companies, including Nestle, EY, Airtel etc. and installed more than 120 MW.


Headquartered in Noida, Suryaday currently has a portfolio of 15 MW. They prioritise providing every roof in India with solar solutions to increase the popularity of solar power in the residential market.

Orb Energy

Founded in 2006, Orb Energy has initiated installing 10,000 for residential projects in India. They provide both off-grid and on-grid installations.

Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar produces photovoltaic modules and modules that can be utilised in both on-grid and off grid systems. As one of India’s most popular EPC providers, they have completed projects in over 22 states.

With the advent of newer technology and government initiatives, solar energy is becoming. further accessible to the common man. This is the prime time to invest for the future and change your power consumption with solar rooftop panels. At KCP Solar, we provide a one-stop solution for all Rooftop Solar Panel for Home requirements. We are committed to visualising a greener India starting from our own homes. Spread the light of a better, cleaner and cheaper future with us. Contact us to get a customized quote for your home’s energy needs.