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Factors for Installing a Rooftop Solar Hybrid System

Tamil Nadu is tapping into solar power, with residence owners and companies increasingly using this clean power to lessen electricity payments. A Hybrid Solar system integrates solar panels with batteries or generators to provide uninterrupted power even when there are low sunlight hours or grid outages. 

This blog explores the key issues to keep in mind before putting in a rooftop solar hybrid in Tamil Nadu:

Defining Your Reason:

The first step is critical – determine the principle intention behind your hybrid solar system. This decision forms the base for all subsequent choices. Here are different types of solar systems along with the types of panels used for them:

On Grid Solutions

  • Ideal for homes and businesses with grid access and state structures that allow net metering. 
  • Excess solar power goes back into the grid via net metering, leading to low electricity bills. You must use panels, meters, local grids and grid tied inverters. 

Off-Grid Solutions

  • Perfect for locations with no grid access. 
  • This option offers complete energy independence, but it also requires electricity storage solutions, such as batteries, which could possibly increase upfront fees. 
  • Use solar power even after sundown by storing excess electricity in batteries for nighttime use.

To Understand Your Energy Consumption:

When you define your purpose, look at your monthly electric invoice to see how much power you use. This crucial step lets you calculate the size and potential of your solar system.

Benefits of Government Subsidies:

In Tamil Nadu, the authorities provide appealing subsidies under the Central Financial Assistance Programme. Research the subsidies you are eligible for and calculate your funding cost.

Choosing a Good Installation Partner:

It’s vital to select a skilled and authorized installer like us. We offer both On-grid and off-grid solar solutions depending on your requirements and help you make the most out of your panels.

Adequate Roofing is the Key:

Ensure you have sufficient area for the proper size of your system and if there might be sufficient sunlight at some point.

Extended Maintenance Period:

Regular maintenance is essential for powerful use. Check for the extended maintenance period offered by the installer to ensure hassle-free maintenance of the panels in the long run.

We hope this blog educated you about the essential factors for installing Hybrid solar systems. Though the installation cost of a hybrid system is often higher than that of an off-grid or on-grid system, considering the incentives and net metering options, hybrid systems are a better choice than others. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact our expert team.