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How to Choose the Best Solar panels for your Roof?

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Solar panels

Rooftop Solar Panel for Home is a brilliant way of saving money and energy. The photovoltaic cells of solar panels help produce green electricity from solar energy. When it comes to installing solar panels for your home, homeowners must be completely sure of the type, and material required. Solar panels have a long usage life of 25 years or more, depending upon maintenance. As it is a significant investment, homeowners must know their energy needs before making any decisions regarding installation. In this blog, we detail the many criteria that buyers must be sure of before investing in a choice.

Specify Your Energy Needs

The first step is to calculate the amount of electricity used to keep your house running every day. Then, you have to determine what part of it to source from solar energy. This information lets you determine the type and number of solar panels to power your house.

Solar Panel Type

Three types of solar panels are available in the market based on energy needs and budget. They are:

  • Polycrystalline: Even though they have lower efficiency, they are the most budget-friendly option appropriate for high temperatures.
  • Mono PERC: As they are more efficient than polycrystalline, they are better suited to smaller roofs and perform well in dim conditions.
  • Half-Cut: More expensive options include half-cut solar PV, which has higher efficiency and performance at higher temperatures.

Solar Panel Grading

Available in four grades A, B, C and D, solar panels are graded depending on their quality and output. While most panels are at least B-grade, A-grade panels are more recommended as they are of higher quality.


Depending on where you live, you will need different types of solar panels. In hot and sunny areas, panels with higher temperature ratings are more desired, while the opposite rings true for colder climates.

Check Solar Panel Efficiency

High-efficiency panels can convert more solar energy into electricity with fewer panels. Hence, high-efficiency panels are more suitable for smaller roof areas.

Financial Planning

The cost of installing solar panels can run relatively high, so buyers must browse many options before making a budget-friendly option. The price can range from hundreds to thousands depending upon the Roof Area, Capacity & Solar Panel Size.

Certifications & Warranty

Last and most importantly, solar panels must be certified by BIS, ALMM, IEC, ISO or such organizations. The certificate is proof of product testing and approval.

To conclude, solar panels have been revolutionary in providing new homeowners with affordable and reliant electricity from renewable sources. As a result, we recommend that you purchase a system that caters to your present needs and is flexible enough to accommodate any future needs. As one of the best rooftop solar companies in Tamilnadu, our team of specialists is dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of options differing in size, material and grade. We hope our list of criteria assists you in making a more informed choice.